The 2016 Lincoln MKS Elite from Gulfport, MS: A Luxury Sedan That Doesn’t Get Old

If you’re looking for a versatile luxury sedan with a whole lot of power, the 2016 Lincoln MKS Elite comes with a V6 engine (365 horsepower) and allows you between front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive. Whatever your needs may be, with Lincoln MKS Elite, all journeys will be easy and enjoyable.


The Great Indoors


When it comes to aesthetics, the interior of this sedan is just as it should be if you want a sedan that looks good. The first great feature you will probably notice is the roominess of the Lincoln MKS. There’s enough space for you and your passengers, and the rear doors are large enough for anybody to enter the car with ease.


A feature to note is that it’s not just the passengers who’ll have enough space. The 19.2-cubic-foot trunk is big enough for any kind of luggage, so you can plan long trips without any worries.


No More Pain


The Elite package also comes with front multi-contour seats that have a massage feature. Because of their smart design, these seats will give you a soothing massage while you drive. Thanks to the gentle vibration, the pressure on your lower back that usually comes from driving normal cars will no longer bother you.


To find out more about the other fantastic features the Elite edition of Lincoln MKS has to offer, find a Lincoln dealership near Gulfport, MS.


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