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Using Lincoln SYNC 3 in Covington LA

Lincoln offers SYNC 3, an easy to use voice-activated technology that provides responsive reactions to voice commands. Using Lincoln SYNC 3 in Covington LA provides a user-friendly interface to aid in connecting and controlling your smartphone in a Lincoln vehicle.



Voice Recognition
Lincoln SYNC 3 with enhanced voice recognition allows users to speak using simple voice commands to control a smartphone and more.
Lincoln and Waze
Using Lincoln SYNC 3 in Covington LA makes road navigation simpler. It provides community-based traffic information, directing you to the best route to reach your destination. Transferring directions from your device to your vehicle’s touchscreen creates easier access when operating the Waze app. 
Lincoln + Alexa
Use Voice Navigation, Traffic Information, and 30,000 Skills, shop through Amazon Prime and control Smart Home devices when the Lincoln + Alexa app is connected through SYNC 3 AppLink.
Automated Updates Over Wi-Fi
To keep SYNC 3 updated with the most current software, connect to Wi-Fi for automatic updates.
Navigation with SiriusXM Travel and Traffic Link
Sync 3 with SiriusXM Travel and Traffic Link will locate hard-to-find restaurants, traffic information, weather forecasts, fuel prices, sports scores, and movie listings.
SiriusXM Satellite Radio
Includes over 150 of commercial-free music, sports, news, talk, comedy, and entertainment channels. Utilize features like replay, pause, rewind on SXM channels, and alerts with SYNC.
Music Search and Control
With SYNC 3 you can switch between a music selection on your phone and your SiriusXM Satellite Radio channels.
Complimentary 911 Assist
911 Assist is a complimentary feature that connects directly to a 911 operator in the event of a collision. 
Climate Control
With SYNC 3 you can adjust your cabin temperature using your voice or the large button on the color touchscreen.
SYNC 3 Plus Android Auto Compatibility
You can talk to Google, make calls, answer calls, listen to a voice mail, send emails, read and reply to text messages, and listen to your favorite music with Android Auto. Connecting to Google Maps with voice-guided traffic navigation, live traffic updates, and estimated travel time is easier than ever. Google Music is also available.
SYNC 3 Plus Apple CarPlay Compatibility
With SYNC 3 the convenience of Apple CarPlay is available in your Lincoln vehicle. You can use Siri to interact with your iPhone to make calls, return missed calls, listen to a voice mail, read and reply to text messages, and listen to your favorite songs. Apple Maps delivers guided directions, updated traffic conditions, and travel time. 
Lincoln Connect Wi-Fi Hotspot
Passengers have the luxury of an in-vehicle Wi-Fi hotspot. The Lincoln Way app can be used to track Wi-Fi data usage of up to 10 devices. The hotspot can be accessed outside of the vehicle up to 50 feet. 
Lincoln Connect
Lincoln Connect equipped vehicles can locate your parked Lincoln vehicle and access remote features with The Lincoln Way app. You can start, lock, and unlock your vehicle this way. The app will provide the vehicle fuel level and allow you to schedule remote starts so your vehicle is ready when you are.
Using Lincoln SYNC 3 in Covington LA will enhance the simplicity of getting around in your Lincoln. Sync 3 provides access to Waze navigation, Amazon Alexa Skills, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto, and it turns your vehicle into a Wi-Fi hotspot. Stop by Baldwin Lincoln to experience The Lincoln Way by learning more about Lincoln’s Sync3!

Lincoln Technology in Covington LA Continues to Improve


Lincoln is committed to developing an experience for their clients; they understand life gets busy and they value your time. Lincoln is dedicated to providing luxury beyond the driver’s seat, so the automaker created Lincoln technology in Covington LA that preserves your time, allowing you to focus on what matters. That’s the Lincoln Way.
  • Waze has been integrated into the infotainment system that provides directions to your destination with real-time traffic updates.
Alexa Integration
  • Lincoln + Alexa provides access to 30,000 Alexa Skills.
Lincoln + Clear
  • Provides identity verification with over 60 of the busiest airports and stadiums
  • Eyes and fingertips get you through security quicker using biometrics
  • 6-month CLEAR memberships
  • 12-month CLEAR memberships for Black Label clients
The Lincoln Way App
  • Through Lincoln Pickup & Delivery we will work around your schedule and drop off a loaner vehicle when picking yours up for service.
  • Locate your vehicle with the app; it remembers your location.
  • Remote Start allows you to start, stop, lock, and unlock your vehicle with a tap.
Lincoln Co-Pilot360
  • Driver-assist technology
  • Blis monitors what’s around the vehicle and will alert you when a vehicle is entering your blind spot. 
  • Cross-traffic alerts notify you when a vehicle is approaching from either side as you are backing up. This is especially helpful while backing out of a parking spot. 
  • Pre-Collison Assist with Automatic Emergency Braking can help you avoid, or reduce the severity of, an accident. The system uses radar technology to scan the road ahead for pedestrians or vehicles and will alert the driver or apply the brakes.
  • Lane Keeping System monitors road lane markings to detect lane drifting. When a driver is leaving the lane, this system will assist in steering back into the lane. 
  • Rear View Camera displays what’s behind you on your screen with cues to assist in backing into any spot.
  • Auto High Beam Headlights continue to scan the road at night and automatically adjust to a high beam or low beam when appropriate. 
  • Provides personal 24/7 service regarding benefits, services, and vehicle information
  • Available for current Lincoln owners and potential Lincoln clients while shopping for a new Lincoln
  • Your Lincoln Concierge is a great resource for learning about Lincoln technology in Covington LA as well!
Driving Ease
  • Auto Hold – When driving in bumper-to-bumper traffic and anti-lock braking system is activated, it allows you to take your foot off the brake without the vehicle moving.
  • Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop & Go – The driver can set the speed and distance from the vehicle ahead, and Adaptive Cruise Control will accelerate or decelerate as needed.
  • Distance Alert/Indication – When your vehicle gets too close to the vehicle in front of you it will alert you to back off.
Evasive Steering Assist
  • With the use of cameras and sensors, Lincoln vehicles can detect a possible frontal collision. The vehicles can apply the brakes and help you steer around the obstacle.
Forward & Reverse Sensing Systems
  • As you maneuver in or out of a parking space the systems can alert you to objects in your path. Objects can be detected within six feet of the front and rear bumper to warn the driver with a chime to avoid an accident.
360 Degree Camera
  • Uses a combined view of four cameras situated on the front, rear, and sides, providing a bird’s-eye view around the vehicle.
Active Park Assist & Enhanced Active Park Assist
  • Will assist you when parallel parking is challenging and chimes when vehicles get to close.
Rain Sensing Wipers
  • Will activate as soon as precipitation is detected and automatically adjusts to the best fit speed. 
AdvanceTrac with Electronic Stability Control and Roll Stability Control
  • When driving in harsh weather conditions your vehicle can trigger brakes and adjust throttle if it senses a loss of traction.
Baldwin Lincoln is committed to providing the most advanced Lincoln technology in Covington LA along with continuing their dedication in providing the ultimate driving experience. Stop by Baldwin Lincoln to speak with a product specialist and discover The Lincoln-Way!

Get the Lincoln Experience Near New Orleans LA


Lincoln has been focusing on the wants and needs of consumers for decades. The manufacturer dedicates resources into interiors that are exquisitely designed using the highest quality materials. The Lincoln Aviator rouses your senses with its impeccable exterior design, smooth ride, luxurious interior, and finally, the aroma of high-quality leather tickling your nose. This is only a morsel of what Lincoln has to offer its clients. 
Baldwin Lincoln takes pride in offering the Lincoln Experience near New Orleans LA by providing effortless ownership experience through unique features, services, and rewards.
Lincoln Access Rewards are earned on any lease or purchase of a new Lincoln vehicle.
  • Points are earned for taking care of your Lincoln vehicle with regular maintenance and service, and by using the Lincoln Way App to track your balance.
  • Points can be redeemed as credit toward vehicle parts, services, and accessories at participating Lincoln dealerships.
  • Register and connect your Lincoln vehicle to The Lincoln Way App and receive exclusive privileges. 
Lincoln + Clear partnered for added convenience at over 60 of the busiest airports and stadiums for the quickest way through security.
  • CLEAR uses biometrics to confirm your identity by using your eyes and fingertips.
  • Lincoln offers a complimentary 6-month CLEAR membership with any new Lincoln lease or purchase.
  • The membership is for the purchaser and his or her significant other.
  • Lincoln offers a 12-month CLEAR membership to its Black Label clients.
The Lincoln Experience near New Orleans LA offers The Lincoln Way App and Lincoln Connect to deliver exclusive services and features all from your phone. 
Lincoln Concierge 
  • 24/7 connection to a personalized service expert.
  • Schedule the time and place for a Lincoln Service Valet to pick up your vehicle and drop off a loaner within 20 miles (50 miles for Black Label owners).
  • Updates will be sent through the Lincoln Way app, text message, or email to keep you informed.
  • Your vehicle will be delivered to you serviced and washed.
Remote Access with Lincoln Connect
  • Lock and unlock your vehicle remotely.
  • Schedule remote starts using the calendar.
  • Start your vehicle from anywhere using your phone.
  • Access current vehicle status and get Vehicle Health Alerts.
  • Locate your vehicle.
  • Convert your vehicle into a Wi-Fi hotspot.
Lincoln Wallet
  • Manage all your Lincoln purchases and services using a secured credit or debit card with a tap.
Roadside Assistance
  • Offers fuel delivery, lock-out assistance, and flat-tire change.
Lincoln + Alexa
  • Extend your Amazon Alexa experience from your home to your vehicle.
  • Users gain access to approximately 70,000 Alexa skills.
  • real-time traffic and navigation onto your vehicle’s touchscreen.
  • Connects you with innovative voice-activated technology.
  • Screen features are organized into four sections for easy access.
  • Make calls, listen to music, and access many more features by using your voice.
Whether you are shopping for the 2020 Lincoln Nautilus, 2020 Lincoln MKZ, or the 2020 Lincoln Navigator, stop by Baldwin Lincoln for the best Lincoln Experience near New Orleans LA. A product specialist is prepared to answer your questions and schedule a product demonstration tailored to you. We will help you discover the exceptional safety features and reward advantages after driving a Lincoln vehicle and why Lincoln has the vehicle to fit your lifestyle.

2020 Lincoln Navigator in Covington LA Debuts This Winter


The 2020 Lincoln Navigator in Covington LA is the definition of luxury. It presents a sleek, elegant exterior, intriguing you to open the door and experience an exquisitely lavish interior. The 2020 Lincoln Navigator is ready to provide you with the ultimate driving exploration. That’s the Lincoln Way.
Lincoln Access Rewards
Owning a Lincoln vehicle will earn you points towards elite offers, premium maintenance services, and more. Even greater benefits are available for Lincoln Black Label owners. 
  • Earning Rewards for having your Lincoln vehicle serviced and maintained regularly. Owners also receive points for using the Lincoln Way App to track rewards balance.
  • Service Incentives allow you to redeem your points at participating Lincoln dealerships. You can earn credit toward vehicle parts, services, and accessories.
  • Exclusive Privileges are additional benefits you earn from registering and connecting your Lincoln vehicle to the Lincoln-Way App.
The 2020 Lincoln Navigator in Covington LA has a massive 450 horsepower engine-transmission combination. The 10-speed automatic engine changes gear seamlessly, providing a genuinely smooth, speedy ride and better fuel economy.
The 2020 Lincoln Navigator is exceedingly spacious and luxurious – it presents optional open-pore wood trim and massaging front seats. The third-row seat offers 1.1 inches more legroom than the Mercedes-Benz GLS Class, and much more than other competitors. The Lincoln Navigator takes customization to a higher level by even allowing the driver to adjust the left and right thigh supports to different heights. Power running boards, heated-ventilated front seats, and a phone-charging pad for compatible smartphones come standard on the 2020 Lincoln Navigator.  Let’s also not overlook the abundant amount of space available to pack for vacation, while passengers still enjoy a comfortable ride. 
An eye-catching 10.0-inch touchscreen houses Lincoln’s infotainment system, which displays easy to read graphics and user-friendly settings on its massive screen. The 2020 Lincoln Navigator in Covington LA also comes with a five-year subscription to the   App and a six-year subscription to SiriusXM’s Traffic and Travel Link to always keep you connected. Lincoln has also bundled driver-assistance technology into the Co-Pilot360 package and added standard USB ports in every row of the Lincoln Navigator.
Safety and Driver-Assistance
The Lincoln Navigator is equipped with standard blind-spot monitoring, rear cross-traffic alert, and automated emergency braking with pedestrian detection. Adaptive cruise control is an available feature.
Warranty and Maintenance
Lincoln’s customer-service stands out from its competitors. A four-year complimentary maintenance schedule is standard select trim levels. 
  • Limited warranty – four years or 50,000 miles
  • Powertrain warranty – six years or 70,000 miles
  • Complimentary scheduled maintenance – four years or 50,000 miles 
Baldwin Lincoln’s product specialist is ready to show you the three new exterior colors (Pristine White, Ceramic Pearl, and Infinite Black) for the 2020 Lincoln Navigator Reserve model. Lincoln offers a new feature, through the Lincoln Way App, called Phone As A Key, which allows you to lock and unlock the vehicle, open the liftgate, and start and drive the vehicle without having a key on you. The new 2020 Lincoln Navigator, with all of its bells and whistles, is scheduled to be released to the public in November at Baldwin Lincoln. Stop by for a test drive and more information on the 2020 Lincoln Navigator. 

A Lincoln Car Dealership Near Me: Tips To Help Choose The Best

lincoln car dealership near me

At some point in time, you will have to choose a car dealership for your auto needs. Fortunately, there are thousands of them in the United States alone. There are more than 16,000 auto dealers in the US, to be more specific.

With a multitude of dealers around you, how do you pick the right one? Fortunately, this is a guide that will help you make an informed decision. Forget about asking Google the question, “Where are the best Lincoln car dealerships near me?” Just read the guide below to help you choose.

Tips On Choosing The Right Lincoln Car Dealership
Let’s say you are in the New Orleans, LA area. Before you dive into choosing the best dealership, you should take note of what you’re actually looking for in an auto dealership company. Usually, there are three most important elements: Price, Availability, and Service.

With the first one, price, you will want to work with a dealership that offers you move value for your money. Another thing you should look into is the availability of the Lincoln cars displayed in their showrooms. Make sure they have a variety of options for you to choose from. Sometimes, the dealership can even make a special order for the particular car that you want if they don’t have it with them yet. It would be a good thing to know that the specific dealership you chose can cater to these special requests.

Customer service is at the heart of most businesses. Thus, when choosing a car dealership, make sure to choose one that will provide you with the best solutions to your problems. In this way, you can avoid a lot of hassles.

Other Factors To Consider When Choosing A Dealership
Aside from the three factors above, you might want to consider other elements of the dealership as well. Longevity is very important: if they have been around for a while, for decades perhaps, then it means they have the knowledge and experience to get things done.

Great dealerships pay attention to their customers. Most likely, you will pay a visit to the auto dealer multiple times. An outstanding business that is managed properly will be able to provide you with the service you need for years to come. You must also evaluate the establishment where the business is located. Does the place look maintained? Is there a well-kept waiting area?

In addition, you should evaluate the on-site staff of the business. A great auto dealership will have well-trained staff members who can cater to your questions easily. They should have pleasing personalities, allowing you to make intelligent choices for your budget, needs, and even wants.

To Wrap It All Up
Selecting the right Lincoln car dealerships is not a difficult task. You must take into account various factors such as price, availability, and service. Other elements you must consider is longevity, establishment, and on-site staff personalities.

Still thinking about the question, “What is the best Lincoln car dealership near me?” Check out Baldwin Lincoln Car Dealer in New Orleans, LA area. They’ve got the best characteristics of a top-notch car dealer within the area.