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Lincoln and Infiniti near New Orleans LA are both well-known luxury brands that offer many desirable features and amenities. Yet once you examine the standard safety features, amenities and available options it is obvious which luxury brand outclassed the other.


Buyers looking for an Infiniti near New Orleans LA will find four sedans, a coupe, and four crossovers/SUVS to choose from with various trim levels offered on each model. Prices start at about $36,400. 
Lincoln offers five crossovers/SUVS and three sedans with the option to choose from five Lincoln Black Label vehicles that exemplify luxury inside and out with elite services. Buyers can afford Lincoln luxury with prices starting at about $33,995. If you prefer a class above, Lincoln Black Label models start at approximately $47,200. Comparing When comparing Lincoln vs Infiniti near New Orleans LA you will see how Lincoln surpasses the competition.
Comparing luxury brands can be overwhelming, however, with Lincoln’s fresh lineup of diverse vehicles ranging from cars to crossovers and SUVS we can easily help narrow down the perfect Lincoln for you. Let’s not forget the advantages of the Lincoln Way, which includes Pickup & Delivery, Lincoln + Clear, Lincoln Way App, and Lincoln Concierge services.
While choosing an Infiniti near New Orleans LA will provide you SiriusXM Travel Link with a complimentary trial, INFINITI InTouch 7-inch vehicle-information touch screen display, and blind spot warning, it falls short in comparison to what Lincoln offers. When it comes to Lincoln vs Infiniti near New Orleans LA there’s no comparison to Lincoln’s standard safety features, advanced amenities, and exceptional customer services. In addition to its 8-inch LCD touchscreen, Lincoln offers SiriusXM, BLIS (Blind Spot Information System) with Cross-Traffic Alert, Lincoln Connect, Co-Pilot360, and many more.
Infiniti dealerships in New Orleans LA offer luxury vehicles for lease or purchase. Infiniti also offers Total Ownership Experience which provides a courtesy vehicle when eligible vehicles are being serviced under warranty, roadside assistance, and compensation if your vehicle breaks down more than a hundred miles from home during a road trip.
When considering Lincoln vs Infiniti in New Orleans LA, Lincoln presents unpresented customer service and incentives. The Lincoln Way puts Lincoln owners on a more efficient course, behind the wheel and remotely. Lincoln’s Pickup & Delivery service will bring you a loaner and pick up your vehicle to be serviced. You can earn Lincoln Access Rewards toward exclusive offers, premium maintenance services, and more. With Lincoln + Clear you will skip long lines and go through security with ease at more than sixty of the busiest airports, stadiums, and other venues nationwide. The Lincoln Way App puts Lincoln features and services available with the tap of your finger such as locating your vehicle, remotely starting your engine, and scheduling complimentary pick-up and delivery.
Baldwin Lincoln stands out among a variety of luxury vehicle dealerships when it comes to buying or leasing. Lincoln vehicles are more affordable and present elite customer services incentives. We will get you in a vehicle that exceeds your performance and safety expectations, in addition to providing paramount customer service. Whether you are buying or leasing, Baldwin Lincoln is the best luxury choice, with a lot to offer, a variety of styles, and incredible dependability. 


Luxury vehicles are recognized for their superior comfort, quality performance, innovative safety, and advanced technology. Luxury car owners know it goes beyond leather upholstery and wood trim; luxury demands a higher-grade fabric, carpets, trim, and quiet cabins. Premium audio combined with Bluetooth and all-wheel drive are expected when investing in a luxury vehicle. When searching for a luxury vehicle you will notice prices start in the lower $30,000 and can increase to more than $200,000.


What to consider when buying a luxury car near Mandeville LA, begins with knowing what you want. Which model will fit into your lifestyle and budget? Research is the key to educating yourself on luxury vehicles offering standard advanced safety features. On average, Luxury vehicles are 71% safer than standard vehicles. Since you will be paying more for a luxury vehicle than a standard vehicle, make sure you are getting the most out of your investment.
Compare driving performance to determine which luxury vehicle performs best for your needs. The 6-cylinder Lincoln Continental, for example, is a great interstate performer with a quiet, refined ride. This luxury vehicle produces more horsepower and superior driving performance than many other sedans in its class.
Create a list of your wants and needs so you know exactly what you are looking for, starting with your must-haves and ending with wants. Decide which is your primary focus, comfort, size, or speed. 
When considering a luxury car near Mandeville LA, focus on which model and trim level match your list of needs and wants. Decide between a sedan, SUV, or crossover. Buyers looking for something large enough for the whole family should consider the Lincoln Navigator or the Lincoln Aviator, while commuters might prefer the Lincoln MKZ. 
Luxury sedans, such as the Lincoln MKZ, are offer practicality and just enough space. Luxury SUVs, like the Lincoln Navigator, provide versatility and extra space. Luxury crossovers, including the Lincoln Corsair, are a happy medium between the sedan and SUV options. 
Deciding What Luxury Car near Mandeville LA is right for you
Start by deciding on a budget. As you research luxury vehicles you may notice a drastic difference in price. Some luxury brands are worth the price tag because of the ownership experience, safety features, and technology, while others are priced for their name. Lincoln vehicles are some of the most advanced luxury cars on the market, offering incredible safety and convenience features. Buyers can find a new or certified pre-owned Lincoln vehicle starting at around $30,000. Very few luxury models offer the features to compete with Lincoln models at this price point. 
When considering a luxury car near Mandeville LA, do your research and educate yourself on local dealerships before you visit one for the first time. Baldwin Lincoln is one of the oldest and most well-known Lincoln dealerships in Louisiana. We pride ourselves on our extensive Lincoln knowledge and on helping all our clients find the best car for their needs. 
Visit Baldwin Lincoln and view our inventory of luxury vehicles. Schedule a test drive and experience the extremely smooth and comfortable ride of a Lincoln. We know you’ll find one that aligns with your list of criteria. 
Baldwin Lincoln’s luxury vehicles offer superior quality, performance, and premium features. We Each of our new Lincoln vehicles deliver the ultimate ride that encompasses comfort, safety, and elite ownership experiences. When you own a luxury vehicle you experience ownership at a superior level. With features such as delivery and pick up, monthly car washes, remote start, and many more high-end features, we know you won’t be disappointed.