The 2016 Lincoln MKX Reserve from Gulfport, MS: All You Need, Plus What You Want

The standard edition of Lincoln MKX Reserve comes with stock features, but the extra features included in the Reserve edition will surely make you think twice. The panoramic sunroof, navigation, heated/cooled seats, and the hands-free tailgate are just the beginning.


A Luxurious Car Needs Luxurious Features


Cars, especially SUVs, can only be truly luxurious if the looks fit what the car has to offer. Lincoln is well aware of that fact, so their new MKX comes with everything a driver today needs, from automatic climate control and two USB ports to the SYNC voice command system.


To add a user-friendly touch, the Lincoln MKX Reserve comes with MyLincoln TouchScreen to make it easy for you to control all the features in the car. The 4-inch color LCD screens that are located on each side of the speedometer can also be customized, and the information you want these screens to display is up to you.


You Can Never Overdo On Comfort


2016 Lincoln MKX debuts new features with its seats. The new Bridge of Weir Deepsoft Leather is comfortable enough for you to drive no matter how long for. To give you an idea of how much effort goes into building these seats, they undergo 16 hours of softening before they are finally installed in a Lincoln car.


Contact some of the Lincoln dealerships near Gulfport, MS, to find out how beneficial these features are in the car.


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