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Buying a new car can be easier than it looks

Given the number of information sources available in the digital age, buying a new car at any of the Slidell Lincoln dealers can go smoothly and not have to be as stressful as it used to be. If you know what you’re looking for and have the right amount of patience and discretion, you’ll be behind the wheel of your new ride without breaking a heavy sweat.

Pick a car… any car

There’s no room for doubt here. You need to pick out the exact make and model you want to take home, down to the accessories and trim. Visit dealers for inquiries or test drives, but let the sale people know you aren’t deciding yet. This should discourage any undue pressure from them.

Get preapproved financing

Before heading to the dealer, it will pay to get preapproved with your bank or credit union first so you have an idea how much you can spend. As an option, try asking the dealer for any financing packages they may have. You may also want to take advantage of sales rebates.

Cash in on your trade-in

Don’t expect to recover a fair amount for trading in your old car. The dealer is doing you a favor by taking it off your hands for a minimal amount with less hassle for you. Lastly, dealers may also try to sell you a service contract or an extended warranty. If you’ve picked a reliable car, the factory warranty should be enough to tide you over like it was meant to.

Going Green with an MKZ

Some people may think that Lincolns and going eco-friendly do not go together in the same sentence. Then again, that was then when everything else was anything but green, and many people since haven’t kept up the manufacturer’s efforts to push technology into the nature-friendly direction, with the MKZ being part of the vanguard. Finding “The Car Formerly Known As Zephyr” in stock at your nearest Louisiana Lincoln dealerships may help sell you on the merits of driving one home.

What Lies Beneath

Popping the hood open will have the MKZ’s two-liter Atkinson-Cycle hybrid inline-four engine staring back at you. Mated to either a standard six-speed automatic or an ECVT automatic transmission, the engine is rated at 188 horsepower. The attached electric motor is linked to a lithium-ion battery. Read the rest of this entry