The 2017 Lincoln Continental from Dealerships around Gulfport, MS: The Ultimate Experience

Take your driving experiences up a notch with the all-new 2017 Lincoln Continental. Not only is this SUV spacious enough for eight drivers, it also provides all kinds of entertainment so passengers stay relaxed throughout the drive.

A Forward-Thinking Design

Show off style and class with the 2017 Lincoln Continental, a sedan with loads of high quality parts and accessories that make statements. Engineered with fewer lines, the new Continental presents a simple vibe with premium materials at your disposal.

Controls in the center are durable, user-friendly, and geared towards the driver. This changes the way you multitask while driving. What’s more impressive is the Revel audio system, capable of providing dynamic acoustics for any type of song. Even the sunroof is dynamic and is simple to use. With a push of a button, you can bring sunlight in that brightens you and your passenger’s day.

Unlimited Practical Features

You have a lot of practical features to use after entering the 2017 Lincoln Continental. SYNC 3 is changing the way multitasking is done, especially considering it has a voice-activated design. The touchscreen you have access to is also modern and makes adjusting the settings fun every time. A 360-degree camera is equipped to give you more confidence when backing up. If an object or person gets in the way, alarms sound immediately.

Try out the audio and sit in this vehicle’s comfortable seats by heading to Lincoln dealerships around Gulfport, MS. They’ll take care of you, and help you try out all of the novel features in person.


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