2019 Mercedes GLC 300 in Covington, LA vs. 2019 Lincoln Nautilus: Which Luxury Crossover SUV is Worth a Second Look?

The 2019 Mercedes GLC 300 in Covington, LA is a formidable crossover. It’s undeniably top of the line with an opulent cabin, a plush ride, and loads of power on demand. Not many SUVs can stand toe to toe with the 2019 Mercedes GLC 300 and come out on top.

Enter the 2019 Lincoln Nautilus, however, and it becomes an entirely different picture. Lincoln’s latest take on the premium crossover segment is a range-topping SUV that’s filled with tech, cleverly designed, and is pure luxury inside.

Safety Comparison

The 2019 Lincoln Nautilus and the Mercedes GLC 300 share a lot of advanced safety features such as electronic stability systems, traction control, four-wheel antilock brakes, daytime running lights, crash mitigating brakes, and around-view monitors. However, the Nautilus boasts of a few features you won’t find on the GLC.

There’s the standard Post Impact Braking feature that prevents more collisions in the event of a crash. This feature will apply the brakes automatically to stop secondary collisions and lessen injuries. The GLC doesn’t have this system, leaving you and your passengers vulnerable should a collision happen.

Another feature that leaves the GLC behind is the cross-path warning system. On the 2019 Nautilus, this employs wide-angle radar that will alert you if there are vehicles approaching your side. This gives you even more protection on the road.

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