Dealerships near New Orleans Offer the 2017 Lincoln MKC: An Experience to Make Driving a Pleasure

Dealerships near New Orleans Present the Advanced 2017 Lincoln MKC

The 2017 Lincoln MKC continues Lincoln’s proud tradition of offering beautifully crafted vehicles that are steeped in luxury and bursting with great technology. The 2017 Lincoln MKC perfectly blends the style of a sporty crossover with the refined, graceful look of a luxury sedan. With a wider profile and a lower center of gravity, it’s easy to see how the latest MKC can compete with those at the top of its class.

The Lincoln MKC is less of a vehicle to get you to your destination and more of an experience that will make driving a pleasure. The experience begins as soon as you walk towards the MKC with the key in hand: the exterior gets illuminated through Lincoln’s Approach Detection. The door handles will radiate in a color that matches the color of the car and a welcome mat will illuminate on the floor by the driver’s door, making you feel like it’s been waiting just for you.

The Lincoln MKC is available in four trim levels, each offering exciting options with a choice of two powertrains.

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