2017 Lincoln Continental at Dealerships Serving Lafayette, LA: Seminal

The 2017 Lincoln Continental is more than just a luxury sedan, it’s a Lincoln flagship model, encapsulating the storied engineering prowess of this legacy’s brand. As such, there are a lot of expectations and aspirations riding on this model. As the details of this latest model unfold, it can now be said that Lincoln lives up to the challenge.


The first thing to know about the coming Lincoln Continental is that it comprises a universal architecture serving as the base for the automaker’s MKZ and MKX lines, albeit with a unique width and wheelbase. More importantly, however, the Continental undercuts some of the most popular luxury cars in price, adding to its allure.


If you live in Lafayette, LA and want to see the 2017 Continental at Lincoln dealerships serving the region, the following are just some of the features you will likely appreciate.


30-Way Perfect Position Seats


Finding just the right seat position is a surprisingly difficult—and common—dilemma for many drivers. That’s why the 2017 Continental comes with 30-Way Perfect Position Seats, inspired by seating found in jet planes.


E-Latch Door Handles


To maintain its flowing, sophisticated lines, the Lincoln MKZ features E-Latch door handles, consisting of a small button which opens the door with a simple


Revel Audio System


The Revel Audio System features 19 expertly placed speakers throughout the vehicle, giving you the most immersive listening experience possible.


Indeed, with luxurious touches and competitive pricing, the 2017 Lincoln Continental is the discerning driver’s choice. To learn more about it and to reserve one for yourself, visit a Lincoln dealership near your area.


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