The 2017 Lincoln Continental: Top Luxury Sedan In Hammond, LA From Nearby Lincoln Dealerships

If you’ve long been looking for a sedan that evokes both luxury and unparalleled comfort, perhaps you should consider the 2017 Lincoln Continental. It is remarkably stylish, and knows how to make your ride extra comfortable. Even better, it is loaded with features designed to make sure you’re always connected.

More Elegant Than Any Other Sedan

The 2017 Lincoln Continental is not your average car. It is a stylish sedan that immediately calls your attention even from afar. This car sports Lincoln’s signature grille with the carmaker’s signature star mesh. There is also an available option for a panoramic to let you and your passengers enjoy sweeping views from above.

The 2017 Continental also comes with an E-Latch door handle. With a simple touch of a button, the door unlatches electronically, allowing to access the car without much fuss. Moreover, this sedan also knows the moment you’re coming over. In fact, the moment this car detects your FOB, it ‘wakes up’ and projects a welcome mat just for you.

Making Your Ride Extra Comfortable

Imagine having a chair that keeps you comfy 30 different ways. In the 2017 Lincoln Continental, you get seats with a 30-Way Perfect Position system that makes that possible. Not to mention, these seats have thigh extenders too to make your ride extra smooth and comfy.

Keeping You Connected Anytime

Inside the 2017 Continental, you get to utilize the SYNC 3 technology that lets you stay connected without having to take your hands off the wheel. Send text messages. Make phone calls and even change your car music. You can do all of this now while staying safe on the road.

Ask about the 2017 Lincoln Continental today. If you’re in Hammond, LA, just visit Lincoln dealerships serving your area.


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