The 2017 Lincoln Continental around Baton Rouge Displays Refined Parts Inside and Out

Lincoln is a brand that is focused on style. You get that and more if you opt for the 2017 Lincoln Continental. Not only does this sedan have a lot of space inside, but it has an aggressive stance to help you stay noticed while on the road.

Sophisticated Design

Almost all of the key areas of the 2017 Lincoln Continental show off that trademark elegant design. In the front, the one-piece design of the grille has a simple, yet sophisticated look. The E-latch door handle is a nice modern touch that blends perfectly with the sedan’s other well-crafted parts.

The interior has reduced lines so that it takes on a minimalistic vibe. The striking wood inlays present a unique look, which you’ll take notice of as soon as you open this vehicle’s doors. Rich leather surfaces help you stay comfortable when driving for hours.

Producing Efficient Power

If you drive the 2017 Lincoln Continental, you can take advantage of its full power without having to sacrifice on fuel economy. The available 3.0L GTDI V6 engine puts out 400 horsepower, which is fun to use whenever you want. AWD is also quite useful as it lets you retain traction on all sorts of surfaces, whether it is mud or snow.

Auto Hold is another convenient feature you have access to. When you are at a complete stop, the brake pedal stays down until you push on the gas pedal. If you’re in the area of Baton Rouge, Lincoln dealers nearby can let you drive this sedan around to see if it has the style and flair you’ve been looking for.


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