The 2017 Lincoln Continental from Dealerships near Biloxi, MS Surpasses the Competition in Style

Everybody dreams of getting behind the wheel of a famously stylish car. And, when it comes to looks, few can go toe to toe with the 2017 Lincoln Continental. This modern sedan has a classy interior, and its exterior is designed with aerodynamics in mind.

Staying Comfortable for Hours

The 2017 Lincoln Continental is all about providing comfortable experiences. The interior is full of soft materials designed to hold up for a long time. The seats in the front can adjust in 30 different ways so that you can easily find a position that is suited perfectly to your body type.

Thanks to power lumbar support, you can find a comfortable position for a long time. The ample head and legroom lets passengers spread out a bit when you are taking a road trip. You have access to a 19-speaker Revel audio system, giving you supreme audio experiences wherever you travel to.

How the Lincoln Performs

When you get in the new 2017 Lincoln Continental, you’ll get to experience a rush of power each time you press on the gas pedal. The available 3.0L GTDI V6 engine puts out 400 horsepower, which you’ll want to use from time to time. The AWD gives you unrivalled driving performance on any surface. Thanks to dynamic torque vectoring, you can maintain control of this vehicle and have smooth rides.

You also get to use Stop-and-Go technology, which essentially shuts your engine off when not in motion to help you save money on gas. If you’re in the area of Biloxi, MS, nearby Lincoln dealerships will be pleased to let you test drive this refined vehicle.


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