The 2017 Lincoln Continental from Dealers near New Orleans: The Rise of the New Luxury Icon

Loyal Lincoln shoppers won’t have time to miss the old Lincoln Town as they are all busy anticipating to test drive the newest Lincoln flagship to grace dealerships near New Orleans, the 2017 Lincoln Continental.

With its modern exterior and a dreamy interior design, the 2017 Lincoln Continental is every luxury shopper’s dream car turned into tangible reality.

Fresh, modern design

You are sure to turn heads as you drive the 2017 Lincoln Continental on the road. The improved signature grille simply commands respect and attention from fellow luxury car enthusiasts. It also features adaptive headlamps that illuminate a wider stretch of the road as you turn, and LED tail lamps that are fully integrated into the trunk lid.

The elegant, new design also incorporates the trademark Lincoln welcome mat that is activated as you approach the parked 2017 Lincoln Continental. It also boasts the innovative E-latch that electronically opens and closes the door with just a gentle push of a button.

Inside, deep soft leather covers the seats while genuine wood accents adorn the 2017 Lincoln Continental for a sumptuous interior. Convenience reigns supreme inside as the thoughtful Lincoln designers put everything you’ll ever need within arm’s length. In-door seat controls are available to coordinate the driver’s movements with his passengers. You can even recline the rear seats and adjust left-and-right-thigh bolsters, if you choose, giving the back passenger more than enough ample legroom.

The dream car everybody is waiting for

There is no denying that the 2017 Lincoln Continental’s features will leave luxury car shoppers and enthusiasts flush with excitement. The revitalized design gave the 2017 Lincoln Continental an impressive silhouette on par with other high-end luxury car brands. Even the updated trim that replaces the old chrome with real wood is a welcome change, along with Lincoln’s latest technology offerings to make any Lincoln fan’s mouth water.


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