The 2017 Lincoln Continental in Dealerships Near McComb, MS: Offering Safety for All

A lot of good things have been said about the 2017 Lincoln Continenta, from its head-turning exterior to its impressive interior. More than the looks and engine power, however, it’s also crucial to talk about the features that complete the Lincoln Continental experience.

Taking Safety Seriously

The ultimate goal for any car manufacturer is to deliver a vehicle that not only looks and works great, but also promotes safety. As common as vehicular accidents unfortunately are, it’s all the more important for car designers to make the most out of the new technology constantly emerging so that they can improve the driving experience for everyone.

Technology Assist

In this regard, the 2017 Lincoln Continental has invested heavily in additional features that will promote safety for everyone–the driver, the passenger, and even the pedestrian.

There is the 360-degree camera feature, which allows the driver to have a better view of the surroundings, no matter how tight the corner may be. Now, this 360-degree camera isn’t just from one device, but rather, is a stitched-together view of the various cameras mounted around the car, from the grille to the decklid, and the 180-degree side mirrors.

The Pedestrian Detection feature is actually a part of the Pre-Collision Assist System. Once it detects a pedestrian up ahead, and the person is at risk of being hit by the vehicle, the system will automatically apply the brakes either to reduce impact or come to a full stop.

These are just some of the safety systems implemented in the 2017 Lincoln Continental to ensure a great ride. To find out more, do visit dealerships that serve areas like McComb, MS, and others.


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