The 2016 Lincoln Navigator from Dealerships near McComb, MS: Where Power and Style Meet

At times, long road trips can get stressful and monotonous. Spice things up and travel in style by getting behind the wheel of the 2016 Lincoln Navigator, a dynamic SUV that was built for any type of road. The Lincoln brand has truly outdone itself once more, and now you can experience all of the refined parts that this new SUV has to offer.

Performance that Matters

The 2016 Lincoln Navigator can do it all. The twin turbocharged engines are powerful and geared towards helping you save money on gas. Hill Descent Control is a nice modern feature to have. If you are uphill and accidentally take your foot off the brakes, the Navigator does not roll backward.

In terms of towing, a 3.73 axle gives you better towing capabilities so that you can confidently transport things like trailers and other vehicles. In addition, you can use Trailer Sway Control, which adds stability and provides you peace of mind for any journey or job.

Family-Oriented Features

If you have a family to think about, then the 2016 Lincoln Navigator is perfect because of its ample interior space. Plenty of leg, head, and arm room help passengers stay comfortable for many hours.

Dual-headrest DVD entertainment systems let you pass time with ease while on the road. Headphones come included so that children and friends don’t have to be bothered by the noise outside.

There are Lincoln dealerships serving McComb, MS that can get you in one of these well-crafted SUVs. Visit them for and schedule a test drive today. You family journeys will never be the same.


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