The 2016 Lincoln MKX from Dealers around McComb, MS: Designed for Performance and Comfort

Make the most out of family trips or work commutes by driving the stylish 2016 Lincoln MKX. This proud sedan will surely get you to destinations in style. Thanks to assistive technologies, you won’t have to worry as much about costly accidents.

Attention to Detail

From the exterior headlights to the interior seats, a lot of time was put into the design of the 2016 Lincoln MKX. A panoramic sunroof is a convenient add-on that lets you bring natural light inside your interior. This also makes the inside feel airier and more spacious. Unique wood trim gives this inside a sophisticated look, while the legroom for passengers maximizes comfort and relaxation. For sure, even long hours of driving will be a pleasure.

Featuring a Revel audio system, the 2016 Lincoln MKX is capable of producing dynamic bass and treble that take your music listening experience to a whole new level.

Focused on Tech Features

With the 2016 Lincoln MKX, you have a plethora of tech features to support you and to keep you safe, such as the Enhanced Park Assist. Sensors scan the area for an appropriate parking space and the system takes over the steering wheel and acceleration pedal. You just have to focus on braking at the right times. Thanks to this, parallel parking no longer has to be a challenge in the city. A Lane-Keeping System helps monitor your driving behavior, and if you start drifting into another lane, the system sounds an alarm.

Drop by a nearby dealership for Lincoln serving McComb, MS to witness firsthand the remarkable features this sedan has to offer.


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