Exceptional and Classy: The 2017 Lincoln Continental from Dealers Near Gulfport, MS

Having a car with superior styling lets you make statements wherever you go, which is possible if you take the 2017 Lincoln Continental out for a spin. Whether you are commuting to work or just taking a quick drive around town, this modern sedan brings fantasies to reality.

Superior Exterior Styling

Right when you pull up in the 2017 Lincoln Continental, beautiful lines are on full display. The one-piece front grille has been coated in chrome, and it offers a seamless look. Adaptive headlights are clean and make it easy to drive in low light conditions. The lights follow the steering wheel, preventing you from shining lights into the eyes of oncoming drivers.

The Lincoln badge is proudly displayed in the back and the taillights have a more conventional look. With a panoramic sunroof, you can enjoy the cool breeze on summer days and also make the interior feel more spacious.

An Interior that Delights

If you’re a discerning driver, there are many aspects of the 2017 Lincoln Continental’s interior that will truly impress you. A second-generation camera lets you navigate around your environment safely, reducing your chances of getting into a collision as you park.

In terms of comfort, the seats have plenty of bolsters that ensure lumbar support. Memory settings for the driver let you quickly find the optimum seating position as you head for the road.

In order to experience the true comfort that these seats provide, head to dealerships for Lincoln near Gulfport, MS. Schedule a test drive today and marvel at this sedan’s exceptional features.


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