2016 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid from Dealers near Lafayette, LA: A Fresh Path for Luxury Sedans

The 2016 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid near Lafayette, LA remains a shining star in Lincoln’s luxury sedan lineup. In a fierce competition for midsize-luxury-sedan eminence, the 2016 Lincoln MKZ gains more momentum with memorable styling, sportier performance, and a load of modern features. For drivers who want to go green, the 2016 MKZ Hybrid model from Lincoln dealerships around Lafayette, LA blends all of that with incredible fuel efficiency. If you want an alternative to traditional gasoline-fueled models, this is a sedan that owns that quality without sacrificing one drop of luxury.

The 2016 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid near Lafayette, LA: Memorable Styling

There is an unmistakable upscale flair to the 2016 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid’s design. The bold, split-wing grille is eye-catching. You’ll notice a seamless, aerodynamic flow from front to tow. There’s a touch of fastback in the roofline, and the overall effect is elegant without being beefy. Lincoln stylists added some daring design traits to the 2


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