The 2016 Lincoln MKX Reserve from Gulfport, MS: The SUV For Every Road

If you’re the kind of person that often drives on roads that are highly unpredictable and hard to drive, Lincoln MKX is the car for you. Through the Ti-VCT EcoBoost V6 engine, this SUV delivers over 330 horsepower and 380 lb-ft of torque. With this kind of power, every road should be an easy road.


Nimble Power


Just because this SUV comes with a lot of power, it doesn’t mean it’s hard to drive. The strong point is the choice of drive mode. While the default mode already ensures smooth driving, you can always switch it up to sport mode, which will give you even more control over the vehicle.


The engine has a six-speed automatic transmission, which is handled with a push-button and SelectShift feature. The front-wheel drive is standard, but if you want even more control of your car, you can switch to the Intelligent All-Wheel Drive, which comes with the Reserve edition.


Loud As You Want It To Be


The 2016 model comes with improved insulation, an active noise cancellation system inside and additional isolation on the outside. Listening to music, on the other hand, should be an absolute dream. Thanks to the 10-speaker audio system, which can be controlled easily by the improved Sync 3 System, the only sound you will hear is the one you choose.


To test the quietness of the Lincoln MKX Reserve, contact one of the Lincoln dealerships near Gulfport, MS.


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