The 2016 Lincoln MKC Reserve from McComb, MS: A Crossover SUV for Everyone

The classic Lincoln MKC is a great car, but the Reserve version gets even better. With all of the great aspects that the basic version has, the Reserve version brings it up a notch from being merely one of the best performance cars in its category, or simply, a quality American car. Also, with the EcoBoost engine, your driving will feel comfortable and secure.


Great Exterior


While the basic model has a great-looking exterior, the Reserve edition is even better. When people are talking about the car comfort, they are always talking about the interior, but the exterior can bring the same value.


With a huge 12 square-foot glass Vista Roof, the Reserve edition will allow you admire the beautiful sky while you’re driving from one point to another. The hands-free power liftgate will be of use as well for those times when you have your hands full.


Technology That Will Make Your Driving Even Easier


The interiors also have fantastic technology. For starters, the Reserve version comes with heated or cooled front seats, depending on your current needs and a great navigation system that will take you directly to your desired location. Besides that, the Reserve-exclusive Technology Package gives you adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assistance and Forward Sensing and Active Park Assist system.

If you want to check what else the 2016 Lincoln MKC Reserve edition has to offer, visit some of the Lincoln dealerships near McComb, MS.


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