2016 Lincoln Navigator L Select 200A from Dealerships Serving Gulfport, MS: Family Vehicle A-Lister

When you have a big family, you need big capabilities from your SUV. And for the people you cherish the most, nothing but the most luxurious accommodations will do. In the competitive field of family vehicles, the 2016 Lincoln Navigator L Select 200A SUV V6 EcoBoost Engine still tops the A-List. It’s filled with all sorts of technology and convenience features, and it masterfully combines form and function for a powerful and indulgent daily driver.

Everything Your Family Needs is Here

This long-wheelbase (LWB) has three rows that can seat seven, but you may opt for a second-row bench to increase capacity to eight. Expect great legroom for all three rows. Proving that a family car doesn’t need to be bland, interior style, the Navigator L is defined by upscale materials such as wood and leather. In addition, it has all sorts of thoughtful amenities to make family trips a convenient affair. There are several coat hooks, cup holders, and even sunglass storage when you go for the available moonroof. Storage is abundant at 18.1 cubic feet, and a single touch lets you fold the third-row bench seats for more. The 2016 Navigator has an impressive list of features, and these are just a few!

Full Steam Ahead

Carrying a whole family equals a heavy load, but the new twin-turbocharged V6 EcoBoost engine makes it so easy. Independent rear suspension means you can take turns with confidence. Need to haul some gear? You have up to 9,000 pounds of tow capacity at your disposal. Finally, the 2016 Navigator’s advanced safety features are one of its greatest strengths. From the rearview camera and trailer sway control to the childproof door locks and perimeter alarm, breathe easy as you drive your loved ones around.

Few can beat the 2016 Lincoln Navigator L Select 200A SUV V6 EcoBoost Engine when it comes to delivering what your family needs on the road. Visit Gulfport, MS nearby Lincoln dealerships for the complete picture!


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