The MKZ Shows Lincoln in the Best Light

Many car enthusiasts see Lincoln vehicles as “old-fashioned”, but the 2015 Lincoln MKZ proved otherwise. As the first vehicle to emerge from Lincoln’s renaissance, this mid-size sedan took everyone by surprise with its innovative style and advanced technology.

Lasting First Impression

What surprised people the most about the MKZ was its sleek and modern design. There’s definitely something different with its distinctive lamps, its raised beltline and sharply inclined roof. The vehicle’s interior, with leather seats and a hi-tech dashboard, gives the impression of sitting in an aircraft cockpit.

Its designers obviously didn’t hold back in making the MKZ look as dynamic as possible. With the interior’s long expanses of plastic and silvery colors, the overall effect is a modern look. You can also enjoy the MKZ’s array of features on its infotainment screen, including a selector that allows you to change the color of the interior’s LED lights.

Impressive Power

The 2015 MKZ comes with a 3.7-liter V6 engine and all-wheel drive. Drivers can further feel its power by switching to Sport mode, which modifies the suspension’s firmness while managing torque, making the accelerator more responsive. This engine works well for those looking for more power on the road.

With the 2015 MKZ, Ford’s luxury division only proves that they are game changers in the auto industry. If you are interested in one of the most interesting comeback stories of the year, do not hesitate to ask a Lincoln dealership about the availability of the 2015 MKZ.


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