How the Lincoln Continental Evolved

More than a decade has passed since the Continental last ruled the road. Now, fans of the landmark luxury sedan can rejoice, as Ford has announced that they are bringing back the Lincoln Continental. To celebrate the return of Lincoln’s trademark sedan, here’s a look back at the nameplate’s previous designs.

1939: The First Continental

Developed by chief stylist Eugene “Bob” Gregorie for Edsel Motors, the first Lincoln Continental included the series’ trademark of externally-mounted covered spare tire and hardly any sign of trims overall.

1955: Continental Mark II

This model made its mark in the history of the auto industry, renowned for having a unique design and the highest quality control ever. The Continental Mark II was more exclusive than the first model due to limited availability, and only a few had a chance to experience the vehicle.

1961: Complete Redesign

In 1961, Elwood Engel completely redesigned the Continental, making it two feet shorter than its predecessors. The new model for the Continental featured the series’ most recognized trademark: back doors with rear hinges to ease ingress and egress.

1970 to 2002: Continuous Improvements

The back doors with rear hinges were axed, while the long, slab-sided design was retained for the 1970 Continental. During the next few years, its standard luxury features became optional. As sales dipped after 1999, Ford announced that the 2002 Continental would be the last to bear the name.


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