3 Different Mud Flap Types for Your Pickup

Mud flaps are designed to protect a truck’s side panels from stone, gravel, mud, and other debris that fling out from the tires. A pickup truck unprotected by mud flaps runs the risk of having numerous dents, dings, and paint damage to its exterior. Any pickup owner can benefit from installing mud flaps on his or her truck.

Unfortunately, mud flaps are not created equally. Design, material, and manner of installation will likely differ from one mud flap maker to another. When visiting a dealership, check if the pickup truck you’re interested in already has its own mud flap. If it does, check if they’re in good condition or if they suit your taste. If not, you can always look for better mud flaps. Below are the different types you can purchase for your pickup:

Heavy-Duty Rubber

Heavy-duty rubber mud flaps are among the most basic yet durable materials available. They can come with a rigidly straight outline or a slight curve to fit the frame of your vehicle and wheel snugly.

Molded Plastic

Molded plastic mud flaps are generally make-and-model-specific. However, their advantage over their rubber-made counterparts is that they can be painted to match the color of the pickup truck they’re installed on.

Sheet metal

Available in stainless steel and aluminum, these are mainly ideal for decoration because they are potentially risky to use in soft ground. If you only travel on city streets, then sheet metal mud flaps can be an extremely attractive option.


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