Fashion Trends Inspire the 2015 Lincoln MKC

Lincoln’s first ever small premium utility, the 2015 Lincoln MKC, boasts of strong colors and a sensual texture that one might be intrigued as to where car designers derive their inspiration when designing the vehicle.

Color, Materials, and Fabric

 Jenny Kubinec, Lincoln’s color and materials designer, said that she gained a trove of inspirations by immersing herself in trending fashion movements while designing the 2015 Lincoln MKC. “Seeing something as simple as an elaborate stitching on a handbag, or an accent color on a designer jacket, can really impact our design strategy,” she said.

The inspirations she gathered from the fashion world were integrated in the interior and exterior designs of the MKC. For instance, the vehicle’s leather seats were of a soft cream color that exudes a feminine appeal, while the more “masculine” Espresso-colored dark wood appliques and instrument panel balances the effect.

Color Choices

 When deciding on the color of the vehicle, Lincoln designers assessed possible choices in addition to popular ones like white, black, silver, and red. According to the designers, the more vibrant colors would appeal to more expressive car buyers. For instance, the Tahitian Pearl, deep plum with a hint of an iridescent finish, is considered an expressive choice, along with the cooler Midnight Sapphire and Smoked Quartz.


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