Going Green with an MKZ

Some people may think that Lincolns and going eco-friendly do not go together in the same sentence. Then again, that was then when everything else was anything but green, and many people since haven’t kept up the manufacturer’s efforts to push technology into the nature-friendly direction, with the MKZ being part of the vanguard. Finding “The Car Formerly Known As Zephyr” in stock at your nearest Louisiana Lincoln dealerships may help sell you on the merits of driving one home.

What Lies Beneath

Popping the hood open will have the MKZ’s two-liter Atkinson-Cycle hybrid inline-four engine staring back at you. Mated to either a standard six-speed automatic or an ECVT automatic transmission, the engine is rated at 188 horsepower. The attached electric motor is linked to a lithium-ion battery.

Stretching Legs

The MKZ may get its stride when you run it through the paces. According to reports from the Environmental Protection Agency, the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid is capable of going 41 miles per gallon for highway driving and 39mpg on the city. The standard version’s ratings are 33mpg highway/22mpg city.

Visual Aids

Driving awareness can get better through a raft of attachments for the MKZ. An Adaptive Cruise Control will help you match current traffic speeds while the Blind Spot Info System and Cross Traffic Alert will aid you with lane switches. The SmartGauge and EcoGuide enables custom visual options to aid you in fuel efficiency and battery voltage.


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